Cruising preparation

Having spent more than a dozen years conducting boat inspections, our surveyors saw just how unsafe and ill-prepared some boats were for sailing offshore. This led our surveyors to develop their own system for inspecting, repairing, and fitting out boats. Ready to Sail, a guide to getting a boat and its crew ready for offshore passage-making is the result of this effort.
Our surveyors go over the boat thoroughly and systematically, pointing out things to look for, possible problems, and how to go about fixing them. Detailed without overly relying on technical jargon, Ready to Sail provides a comprehensive but easy-to-follow road map to anyone who needs to inspect and fit out a boat for sailing. Useful appendices are also included.

We have extensive experience in the following:

  • Costs – before you leave and underway;
  • Preparation for cruising or Charter;
  • Equipment – for power, navigation, weather, communications;
  • Antifouling selection;
  • Safety equipment selection;
  • Generators (engine, wind) and Solar Panels;
  • Air-condition;
  • Crew training;
  • Sailing with kids;
  • Route planning, distances, and annual weather patterns;
  • Choosing crew, dealing with different personalities and making it work for everyone;
  • Clearance routines and dealing with bureaucracy;
  • Emergencies, medication, provisioning

In other words, the practicalities that everyone needs to know. With its gorgeous photo section, practical advice on planning and financing such a venture, fascinating accounts of the places visited and a helpful final chapter on ‘After the Circumnavigation – What Next?This is a hugely enjoyable read for anyone thinking or dreaming about an extended cruise.

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