Class Societies activities

Our main surveyor Mr. Predrag Dulic is authorized by the following class societies to perform various class and statutory certificates inspection on their behalf:

• International Naval Survey Bureau – I.N.S.B.
• Dromon Bureau of Shipping – D.B.S.

Generally, class society is an important organization that expert considerable influence on the design, construction, and safety of ships. Classification is defined as ‘a division by groups in order of merit’. These societies work for the benefit of ship-owners, cargo owners, and underwriters in order to ascertain if a particular ship represented a reasonable risk.

A classification society is similar to a standards institute which determines the standards for the shipping industry. It has its own rules and regulations for construction and classification of different kinds of ships. It acts without any prejudice to anyone’s interest. If a ship concerned meets the standards laid down in the rules, then it is classed and remains so as long as she maintains the standards. This has earned a high degree of reliability, trust and fame for the classification society, making it equally acceptable by almost all concerned in shipping. The role and function of the Classification Society will be better understood by analysing its relationship with other organisations and agencies involved in shipping.

Before a ship structure can be registered, it should be surveyed in accordance with the technical Rules and regulations of the Classification Society. Once the ship has been surveyed to the satisfaction of the surveyor a Class certificate is issued and the ship is entered into a Class Societies Register of Ships.

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