Damage Surveys are usually required by an insurance company/loss adjuster to assess the extent of damage to a vessel resulting from an accident. The surveyor will carry out a thorough examination and make a detailed report on the following:

  • the resulting condition of the vessel;
  • the probable cause of the damage;
  • recommended repairs;
  • an estimate of the cost of such repairs.


This will require liaising with the client, boatyards, or repairers and transportation specialists. It should be noted that insurance companies expect immediate reporting of accidents/incidents, and speedy damage assessment and reporting by a surveyor.
Every effort should also be made to minimize further damage or deterioration of the vessel following the incident.
Our open communication with the insured and their chosen repairer prevents many problems. Potential additional damage is identified and all issues relevant to the claims process are addressed and resolved with expertise in a timely manner.


Thus, our service in the case of damage comprises the inspection of the yacht, the preservation of evidence, written documentation, the ascertainment of the cause of damage as well as the assessment of its extent. We furthermore provide advice for proper and adequate repair practices and calculate the repair costs. Our service is for liability insurance matters and comprehensive insurance matters alike.

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