A pre-purchase survey is usually requested by a potential buyer and is focused on areas where defects are likely to considerably reduce the value of the vessel and perhaps require extensive investment to correct.
The survey report is a factual summary of the inspection in a narrative format with extensive photographic record and other relevant documentation. The survey takes about 12 hours to complete for a 100mvessel; this includes the following:

Hull, Deck, and Structure

  • Particulars of the subjected vessel (Dimensions, Vessel’s Certificate, and Documents/Registration, etc.);
  • Keel if applicable;
  • The hull below the waterline;
  • Topsides above waterline including Rubbing Strake;
  • Hull/Deck Joint;
  • Bulkheads and Structural Stiffening including Internal Mouldings;
  • Deck Moulding;
  • Cockpit;
  • Electrical installation;
  • Electronic installation;
  • Navigation and miscellaneous systems including onboard safety systems according to international/local requirements.

On completion of the survey, we supply a fully comprehensive written report with detailed photographs.

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