Pre-Sales Survey

Similar to the pre-purchase survey, a pre-sales survey is a comprehensive inspection of a boat, conducted on behalf of the owner or charterer, intended to assess her physical and structural condition as well as the state of onboard (marine) systems. Both the pre-sale and pre-purchase surveys involve the minimal dismantling of the vessel for the purpose of gaining access to spaces and inspecting equipment otherwise inaccessible.

If not already dry-docked, the vessel is temporarily lifted out of the water so as to permit the inspection of the hull below the waterline, the propeller(s) and rudder(s). Deck, accommodation compartment mechanical, electrical, and electronic equipment are also surveyed. For an indicative list of the inspected systems refer to the pre-purchase surveys.

Following the completion of the inspection, a pre-sales survey report is handed to the seller which indicates the conditions of individual systems and equipment including a list of recommendations for improving the sale value of the boat, safety level, as well as life expectancy of onboard equipment and systems. An estimation of the sale value of the boat is also stated in the report.

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