International Safety Management (ISM) Code was adopted by the IMO through Resolution A.741 (18) on the 4th of November 1993. It is given legal force in May 1994 by the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee when it was included into the new Chapter IX of SOLAS 1974.

As of 1 July 2002, the ISM Code came into effect for all types of ships of 500 gross tonnages and above including passenger ships as well as passenger high-speed craft engaged in international voyages.

The purpose of the ISM Code is to provide an international standard for the safe management and operation of ships and for pollution prevention.

Our auditor Mr. Predrag Dulic is a highly qualified and trained auditor for the auditing and certification of both the Companies and the vessels. According to the Code, a Document of Compliance (DoC) is issued to Companies if their management system is verified that is in compliance with the ISM Code. Respectively, a Safety Management Certificate (SMC) is issued to a ship which indicates that its shipboard management operates in accordance with the approved Safety Management System.

The certification procedure involves:

  • Document Review
  • Interim verification
  • Initial verification
  • Annual and/or Intermediate verification
  • Renewal verification
  • Additional verification as requested by the auditor/ Administrations

The flag Administrations (Saint Vincent & Grenadines, Liberia and Belize) have authorized our auditor Mr. Predrag Dulic to carry out audits on their behalf.

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