Cargo Superintendence

Our surveyorsperform cargo superintendence solutions encompassing monitoring discharge of the vessel including liaising with Captain, Stevedores, and Receivers.

Our surveyors provide the following services:

  • Management of bulk cargo discharge and loading from and onto vessel;
  • Supervising stevedoring requirements – labour and equipment;
  • Assessing loading/unloading exceptions and liability;
  • Liaising with storage facility;
  • Managing transport and delivery of product to storage facility;
  • Managing quarantine requirements and other regulatory matters;
  • Ensuring full regulatory compliance is adhered to;
  • Managing collection and transportation of product from storage facility to wharf;
  • Cooperation with master of vessel to ensure maintenance of correct vessel trim, stability and bending moments;
  • Delivering a consistent and optimum standard of service is fundamental to our operation.

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