pre purchase-condition y 1 250A pre-purchase survey is usually requested by a potential buyer and is focused on areas where defects are likely to considerably reduce the value of the vessel and perhaps require extensive investment to correct.
pre purchase-condition y 2 250The survey report is a factual summary of the inspection in a narrative format with extensive photographic record and other relevant documentation. The survey takes about 8 hours to complete for a 36’ yacht; this includes a short sea trial, inspection of the underwater areas after haul out, topsides, deck and interior structures, spars, machinery and safety equipment.


The short seatrial provides a basic performance benchmark for the vessels systems and is an important aspect to be considered.


The Owner is responsible for the handling of vessel on sea trials and during haul out and arranging the haul out plus powering up systems that are not operating. The Surveyor will request the owner or his representative to operate machinery in a manner that should demonstrate its current performance. 

A limited number of hours are assigned to each vessel for survey, based around the vessel’s size, age and complexity. Out of necessity we cannot inspect or advise on every minor item during this survey. We are always prepared to focus on the Buyers special instructions during the inspection and report preparation. Should the Buyer request a more detailed survey this can be undertaken. 



The report will direct the client to the status of the vessels safety equipment, major structural, mechanical and electrical items and overall appearance and will enable if requested a value to be placed on the vessel as it currently stands.



As part of the pre-purchase survey an external examination of the main machinery is made. This is entirely none invasive with no items being opened for close up consideration. The gears are operated and engine mounts examined; the inspection is concerned principally with determining obvious defects rather than internal deterioration. Oil sampling and analysis is offered at additional cost, this determines current oil condition and detects if excessive wear metals are present and is a reliable method when combined with access to recent maintenance records, of gaining greater reassurance as to the condition of the engines without moving to full engine strip down. 


Rigs are inspected from the deck only and sails are viewed "in bag" unless used during the sea trial. Detailed rig and sail inspections are specialist services that can be provided if required but will require removing the mast and laying out the sails ashore.


pre sales condition y 1 250Similar to the pre-purchase survey, a pre-sales survey is a comprehensive inspection of a boat, conducted on behalf of the owner or charterer, intended to assess her physical and structural condition as well as the state of onboard (marine) systems. Both the pre-sales and pre-purchase surveys involve minimal dismantling of the vessel for the purpose of gaining access to spaces and inspecting equipment otherwise inaccessible.
If not already dry-docked, the vessel is temporarily lifted out of the water so as to permit the inspection of the hull below the waterline, the propeller(s) and rudder(s). Deck, accommodation compartment mechanical, electrical, and electronic equipment are also surveyed. For an indicative list of the inspected systems refer to the pre-purchase surveys.
pre sales condition y 2 250Following the completion of the inspection a pre-sales survey report is handed to the seller which indicates the conditions of individual systems and equipment including a list of recommendations for improving the sale value of the boat, safety level, as well as the life expectancy of onboard equipment and systems. An estimation of the sale value of the boat is also stated in the report. Very often the pre-sales survey report issued by Tropida Marine forms the basis of selling negotiations between the seller and the buyer.


damage survey y 1 250Damage Surveys are usually required by an insurance company to assess the extent of damage to a vessel resulting from an accident. The surveyor will carry out a thorough examination and report on the resulting condition of the vessel, the probable cause of the damage, recommended repairs, and an estimate of the cost of such repairs. This will require liaising with the client, boat yards or repairers and transportation specialists. It should be noted that insurance companies expect immediate reporting of accidents / incidents, and speedy damage assessment and reporting by a surveyor.
damage survey y 2 250Every effort should also be made to minimise further damage or deterioration of the vessel following the incident. Machinery should protected internally from further corrosion after immersion. Electrical or Electronic accessories should be removed or salvaged where this is feasible.


Montenegro Marine Surveys are authorized by International Naval Surveys Bureau to perform Tonnage Surveys and stability calculation.

tonnage survey y 1 250tonnage survey y 2 250


Our core business is to provide an advice or information to our clients who are considering to buy a boat, sell a boat or need any advice about your current boat. 
We Montenegro Marine Surveys are experienced, qualified marine surveyors and consultants with over 25 years experience in the marine industry.

Please, if you need any advice contact us to meet your requirments. 


consultancy y v150 1consultancy y v150 2consultancy y 3 250



new boat pre acceptance inspection y 1 250We are often requested by owners to carry out an inspection of their yacht prior to their acceptance. The objective of this survey is to establish that the vessel they are buying is acceptable, whilst bearing in mind that often the owner may not have bought a vessel before.
new boat pre acceptance inspection y 2 250We comprehensively review the new vessel, the standard of finish and the fixtures and fittings highlighting what we deem as acceptable and what should be reviewed. We also usually take the vessel out on sea trials. At the end of the survey we prepare a report based on the structure at the end of the report are our recommendations and conclusions.


flag state coding preparation y 1 250If you need to set your ownership costs of a vessel 10 meters and over in length but less than 500 gross tonnage, which are engaged either as a pleasure yacht or in commercial trade and carry no cargo and up to 12(twelve) passengers then Saint Vincent & Grenadines has stipulated that all such yachts will be equipped and presented in a condition such that they meet its code which is in accordance with MCA code. This Administration has appointed various Certifying Authorities to enforce the application of the code.

flag state coding preparation y 2 250Mr. Predrag Dulic principal surveyor is an accredited Saint Vincent and Grenadines, Liberia and Belize flag states codes of compliance Examiner.
Also Mr. Predrag Dulic is authorized by the above mentioned Administration to perform annual safety and harmonized ISM/ISPS inspections on their SOLAS vessels. Liberian Administration has appointed Mr. Dulic Predrag to perform MLC 2006 inspection on its behalf.

flag state coding preparation y 3 250


We are encouraging vessel owners and other flag authorities to utilize our expertise to inspect their vessels and reduce risk of vessel's operation and PSC detentions. We shall send details of our observation with evidence as found to our contracted clients only.






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yacht safety advice guide 1 250Always make sure that you wear a proper life jacket and that you know fully how to use it. Always make sure that the life jacket you are using also has a very high pitched and piercing whistle attached to it, so that if you do get into trouble, your call for help will be heard. Another thing to consider is taking with you a fully waterproof holdall where you can keep a dry change of clothes to keep you warm if the worst does happen. Also make sure that you always tell someone what time you intend to leave the shore and what time you intend to arrive back again at any particular location, so that if the worst does happen, someone can raise the alarm.
yacht safety advice guide 2 250As with any waterbased activities, commonsense must prevail at all times. It is sadly all too often when commonsense flies out of the window that you increase exponentially the chances of having an accident whilst out on the water. Make sure you carry a mobile phone, keep the batteries and spares too fully charged up, the same goes for emergency contact devices such as a cb radio or walkie talkie. Even though one or two of these devices may seem a little old fashioned these days, they will all increase the chances of your messages being picked up by someone, somewhere if something does go wrong.
yacht safety advice guide 3 250If going out on the open sea, remember that sea conditions can change extremely rapidly and too, there might be rip currents that you have no knowledge of. Good preparation in advance is key. Make sure that the craft you are using is suited to the water conditions you intend to use it upon. Do not overload your craft and also keep the weight evenly distributed. If you do run into difficulties, do not panic, this is often just about the worst thing you can do. Try to stay as calm as possible to make the most rational and clear thinking decisions that you can, this could mean the difference between life and death. Again, I'm going to reiterate and emphasize the point made at the beginning of this article, never, ever  under estimate the power of water. Have respect for it at all times, be well prepared and there really is no reason why you shouldn't have lots of enjoyment upon it.


cruising preparation y 1 250Having spent more than a dozen years conducting boat inspections, our surveyors saw just how unsafe and ill-prepared some boats were for sailing offshore. This led our surveyors to develop their own system for inspecting, repairing and fitting out boats. Ready to Sail, a guide to getting a boat and its crew ready for offshore passage-making, is the result of this effort.

cruising preparation y 2 250Our surveyors go over the boat thoroughly and systematically, pointing out things to look for, possible problems, and how to go about fixing them. Detailed without overly relying on technical jargon, Ready to Sail provides a comprehensive but easy-to-follow road map to anyone who needs to inspect and fit out a boat for bluewater sailing. Useful appendices are also included.

We have extensive experience in the following:

• Costs - before you leave and underway 

• Preparation for cruising or Charter

• Equipment - for power, navigation, weather, communications 

• Wind Generation

• Antifouling selection

• Safety equipment selection


• Air condition

• Crew training 

• Sailing with kids

• Route planning, distances and annual weather patterns 

• Choosing crew, dealing with different personalities and making it work for everyone. 

• Clearance routines and dealing with bureaucracy 

• Emergencies, medication, provisioning

cruising preparation y 3 250In other words, the practicalities that everyone needs to know. With its gorgeous photo section, practical advice on planning and financing such a venture, fascinating accounts of the places visited and a helpful final chapter on 'After the Circumnavigation - What Next?', this is a hugely enjoyable read for anyone thinking or dreaming about an extended cruise.

Having spent more than a dozen years conducting boat inspections, delivery captain Ed Mapes saw just how unsafe and ill-prepared some boats were for sailing offshore. This led Mapes to develop his own system for inspecting, repairing and fitting out boats. Ready to Sail, a guide to getting a boat and its crew ready for offshore passage-making, is the result of this effort.

Mapes goes over the boat thoroughly and systematically, pointing out things to look for, possible problems, and how to go about fixing them. Detailed without overly relying on technical jargon, Ready to Sail provides a comprehensive but easy-to-follow road map to anyone who needs to inspect and fit out a boat for bluewater sailing. Useful appendices are also included. 


We are able to offer many training centers in Montenegro and Croatia as very professional and reliable seafarers and skippers training centres with which we cooperate.


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