Our main surveyor Mr. Predrag Dulic is authorized by the following class societies to perform various class and statutory certificates inspectionon their behalf:

• International Naval Survey Bureau – I.N.S.B.

• Dromon Bureau of Shipping – D.B.S.


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flag state annaul safety inspection b 1 250Our main surveyor Mr. Predrag Dulic is authorized by the following flags to perform annual safety inspection on their behalf:
• Saint Vincent and Grenadines
• Liberia
• Belize

We are encouraging vessel owners and other flag authorities to utilize our expertise to inspect their vessels and reduce risk of vessel's operation and PSC detentions. We shall send details of our observation with evidence as found to our contracted clients only. 



pre purchase-survey b 1 250When purchasing any new or used vessel it is a must to have a comprehensive pre-purchase survey done on your investment. In our survey we inspect the structural integrity of the vessel, afloat and in dock/slipway. We inspect its electrical, electronic, structural, pre purchase-survey b 2 250navigation and miscellaneous systems including onboard safety systems according international/local requirements. On completion of the survey we supply a full comprehensive written report with detailed photographs.



insurance risk survey b 1 250Most insurance companies require a survey to determine if a vessel is an acceptable risk. Our survey is a comprehensive visual, structural and safety inspection. We also inspect all fitted systems and equipment and report on the structural integrity and safety of the vessel for its intended use. The survey provides a comprehensive written report with detailed photographs.


manuals and plans b 2 250Our marine surveyors can prepare various ship-related manuals and plans such as SOPEP, Garbage Handling plan and Ballast Water Management Manual.

manuals and plans b 1 150Reproduction of drawings can be arranged upon request.







pre venting-service b 1 250A good ranking in the OCIMF/SIRE Database is an essential tool for independent owners of tanker vessels in order to ensure employment for their vessels.

A Pre-vetting Inspection can help minimising or even eliminating the risk of negative observations during a SIRE Vetting, thus maintaining a low observation score in the database.
During a Pre-vetting Inspection we visit the vessel and perform an in-depth inspection covering all areas on board in relation to the SIRE Vetting programme with special focus on the Vessel Inspection Questionnaire (VIQ) in order to prepare the vessel for an upcoming vetting.
The overall objective is to identify any deficiencies which, according to the inspector’s experience, are likely to cause a negative response during a SIRE Vetting.
During the inspection the crew responsible for the various departments on board are given on the spot guidance in order to prepare them best possible for a vetting.
pre venting-service b 2 250The Owner is provided with a detailed report with recommendations not later than 48 hours after completion of the Pre-vetting Inspection. The Master is provided with a summary and guidance prior to the inspector leaving the vessel. Upon request we can also assist with Owner’s response following a SIRE Vetting with negative observations.




tonnage survey certificate b 250• Inspection of tow, towing vessel and equipment on behalf of owners and/or underwriters in preparation of a towing operation.

• Issuance of Towage Certificate.



Vessel and machinery are surveyed and a detailed report issued to a potential buyer for a specific vessel.

Preliminary report will be issued within 48 hours after returning from the assignment.



Inspection of vessel to ascertain that statutory rules and regulations are complied with, helping identify issues thus reducing the risk of detention during a Port State Control inspection.

pre port state inspection brod 1 250pre port state inspection brod 2 250








pre port state inspection brod 3 250pre port state inspection brod 4 250



pre loading survey b 1 250• Performing condition surveys of cargo holds and hatch covers on behalf of shippers, receivers, cargo owners and underwriters.

• Issuance of Certificate of Readiness for loading.



 pre loading survey b 2 250


lashing and project cargo b 1 250• Survey of lashing arrangements for project cargoes.

• Calculations and supervision as required by customer.

• Issuance of survey report.



draft survey b 1 250On behalf of owners, underwriters, charterers, shippers, receivers, cargo owners and third parties in connection with loading and discharging operations.



Damages to vessels, machinery and cargo are surveyed on behalf of owners, receivers and underwriters. We also survey damages to commodities transported by road, rail or air. Report is issued and damages are valuated.

damage survey b 1 150damage survey b 2 150damage survey b 3 150



condition survey b 1 250Vessels and machinery are surveyed and report with recommendations issued, assisting the client in decision making process with regards to necessary repairs, repair costs, insurance and sales value.



cargo survey 250Quantity and Quality surveys of liquid and dry bulk commodities during loading and discharging operations.



Advising on and assisting in cleaning of cargo holds/tanks on bulk carriers and tankers.

Issuance of Certificate of Readiness for loading.


cargo hold and tank cleaning b 1 150

cargo hold and tank cleaning b 2 150

cargo hold and tank cleaning b 3 150



bunker survey b 1 150Measurements and calculation of bunker quantity on board in connection with Charter delivery/re-delivery.


accident investigation b 1 150Investigation of accidents to vessels and personnel on behalf of vessel owners and underwriters in order to ascertain probable cause.



marine and general insurance b 1 250• All aspects of marine insurance claims - investigation of causation, quantum of loss and salvage of damaged product.

• Handling of specialist cargo claims such as frozen sea food, frozen foodstuffs, fruit and vegetables, heavy equipment, steel products and paper products.

• Hull and machinery damage investigations and claims.

• Customary package: Usual / standard package

• Jettison: Dropping cargo in sea to save the ship and other cargo in the ship

marine and general insurance b 2 250• Loss: Caused depressed value of goods

• Peril of the sea: Loss cause by the sea conditions, ie: heavy weather, saltwater damage, etc

• Peril on the sea: Outside events caused loss to hull and cargo. ie: robbery or loss to the cargo or the ship on the sea.


on and off hire survey b 1 250

• Vessel is surveyed before commencing a charter period  and a report describing the vessel and equipment is issued.

• Vessel is re-inspected when ending the charter period and damages / discrepancies are valuated.


on and off hire survey b 2 250 


• Pre-purchase surveys.

• Condition surveys for charterers.

• On-hire and Off- hire condition surveys.



• Inspection of vessel and goods prior to loading or after discharge to assess damage.

• Re-assessment of damage to vessels / port installation resulting from marine misadventure.


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