Most of the participants expressed a desire to belong to a professional society of Marine Surveyors who would have a different purpose and outlook than found in the existing professional organizations of the day.

Since the Montenegro Marine Surveys d.o.o. was founded in 2006, we have always had very high ambitions; to be a shipping industry leader and to always challenge ourselves, our industry and our clients. It is natural to be entrepreneurial in the start-up phase of a firm's history but we have always strived to keep the entrepreneurial spirit as a core part of our culture. Our mission "business success through people" is both what we deliver to our clients and what we want to achieve with our own people. We truly believe in empowering our people to take part in the development of our firm. We were inspired by the obsession with "client first" and the concept of "alignment". We built a firm based on the concept of keeping alignment in our strategy, systems, staff, style, skills, structures and shared values. A strong value base was essential from the start and as we grew we also formulated this into the values that today are a natural part of everything we do.

Montenegro Marine Surveys is intended to be an organization of Proffesional Marine Surveyors who have come toghether to promote the good image and general well being of their choosen profession. Montenegro Marine Surveys' pricipal marine surveyor and auditior is Mr. Dulic Predrag, with 26 years experinces as chief engineer, superintendent and marine instructor, is surveyor who has accumulated time in the profession, and has proven the technical skills necessary for designation as Acredited Marine Surveyor. There is, through the Surveyor Associate program, the opportunity for less experineced members to participate in Montenegro Marine Surveys and hone their skills under the tutelage of Mr. Dulic Predrag in his local area. Affiliate members, who benifit form the association with the Society's members, are professionals, corporations, and organizations active in the main field.

Mr. Dulic Predrag is expected to follow a course of continuing education to maintain his accredation. Members are guided by a code of ethics and are encouraged to participate in other organizations relative to the marine field. Montenegro Marine Surveys intends a controlled growth. Our organization is actively seeking skilled professionals who have a need to achive and maintain a standard of excellence in their profession. The acceptance and responsibilities for satisfactory performance of assignments rests with the individual member.



Provide an organization complementary to the marine industry Cooperate and encourage communications among members Cooperate and encourage communications between members and other marine organizations Assist other marine organizations in technical matters Provide information and training for persons interested in the profession of Marine Surveying Suggest standards for technical procedures for all members Educate the public


Code of Ethics and Rules of Practice


Members of Montenegro Marine Surveys must be persons of integrity, who conduct business in a professional, ethical manner. Members shall not violate or attempt to violate the Code of Ethics and Rules of Practice, or knowingly assist or induce others to do so. Members shall be dedicated to the preservation of life and property in the marine environment.



The surveyor will:

A. Be competent, prompt, diligent and demonstrate respect for the survey profession. (Competence requires knowledge, skill, thoughtfulness, and preparation reasonably necessary for the assignment).

B. Enjoy a favorable reputation within the local business community.

C. Cooperate in developing the marine surveying profession by:

D. Contributing one's skill and knowledge to further the profession's commitment to serving the public.

E. Exchanging general information with peers and associates.

F. Contributing to the work of technical societies, regulatory agencies, and specialized professional education.



The surveyor will participate in continuing education as required by the rules of the Society.



The surveyor will:

A. Accept only assignments that can be completed with professional competence.

B. Advertise only in a dignified manner, being careful to avoid misleading statements.

C. Respect the confidential nature of marine surveying.



The surveyor will:

A. When representing the client: endeavor to present facts and opinions without prejudice.

B. Refrain from suppressing, over-emphasizing or manipulating facts.

C. Set fees based on work performed for a client and avoid any form of compensation that could be perceived as corrupting judgment.



The surveyor will:

A. Avoid assignments that would create a conflict of interest.

B. Inform the client of any business connection, interest or affiliation that might influence judgment or impair the disinterested nature of a survey.

C. Accept compensation from more than one source only with the full knowledge of the interested parties.

D. Not make false, misleading, deceptive or unfair statements concerning member surveyors or the surveyors services, qualifications or integrity.




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